2011 Inductee - Yolanda Herrera Tejada

2011 Inductee - Yolanda Herrera Tejada


Yolanda was born to Guadalupe and Felipe in the dusty little town of Comstock, Texas. In 1936 her family migrated to Stockton with Yolanda and her brother Felipe and sister Alice.

Yolanda attended Fair Oak Elementary School where she spent most of her days sitting in the corner because of her lack of English. With the help of Miss Lois Harrington, whose parents had been missionaries in Chile, Yolanda learned fluent English in six months.

Yolanda attended Edison High School and before she could complete her schooling, she contacted Rheumatic fever. After much therapy, she was able to walk. She started working at her parents store “La Casa Blanca.” It is here that she learned her work ethic, honesty as well as responsibility.

At seventeen, Yolanda married Alfred Tejada in 1948. After the birth of her daughter Sandi, and her son, Ricky, Yolanda went to work in the cannery. She decided to continue her education after the birth of her third child Steve. Yolanda attended Adult Education and earned her GED. In 1970 she achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. She began her career as nurse at San Joaquin General Hospital. She worked hard and went up in rank from nurse, to assistant head nurse, head nurse, and then to nursing supervisor. She was one of the nurses selected to go to China for a medical and cultural exchange and later was selected to go to Japan. Yolanda was awarded Employee of the Year at San Joaquin General Hospital in recognition of her hard work and her involvement in many extra activities she was involved in during her employment at the hospital. In 1984-85 Yolanda was part of the Stockton Leadership Program, which taught leadership skills to better the community.

In January, 2003 Yolanda took early retirement to care for her ailing husband who passed away in June of 2003. During her retirement party, Mr. Michael Smith, Director of Health Care Services stated, “Yolanda makes an unstinting gift of herself and all her talent to uplift and encourage and assist all who come into her realm of contact.”

Yolanda continues to give of herself; she was a volunteer with Dr. Vicuna’s SU SALUD program. Currently she is an active member of the Alumni of Delta Nursing, the American Heart Association, and is a Cancer Society volunteer, donor to the St. Judas Children’s Hospital, and is Vice-President of the California Retired Public Employees Assn. She is also an active member of the Latina Democratic Club, and the Mexican Heritage Center and Gallery. Yolanda was one of three women honored by the Mexican Heritage Center and Gallery in 2010. She was the recipient of the Adelita Recognition Award for the courage, perseverance, and strength she has shown throughout her life.