2011 Inductee - Amelia Rea Moreno

2011 Inductee - Amelia Rea Moreno


Amelia Rea Moreno is what some people may refer to as a “living saint.”

Amelia was born to Tomas and Rufina Rodriguez de Rea on November 22, 1929 in Ciudad Miguel Doblado Guanajuato, Mexico, one of six children. Amelia wanted to improve her life, so with help from family, she moved to Tracy in 1952. While there, Amelia met Ruben Moreno, married him and started a family.

Amelia and her husband began volunteering at Saint Bernard Catholic Church in 1970, where their children attended school. The nuns at the school soon asked her to help in church services. Amelia became a Minister, assisting at the Spanish masses on Saturdays and Sundays.

During her 41 years of volunteer work at Saint Bernard she has touched thousands of lives, helping the poor by providing them with food, shelter and clothing. She visited the elderly in their homes, convalescent homes and the sick in hospitals. She counseled married couples in difficult times and youth on the importance of respecting each other and their families. One of her priorities is visiting the terminally ill, performing the last rites. Amelia says that these experiences have given her inner peace and the strength to continue her mission of faith.

Additionally, Amelia served in the nine Migrant Camps of San Joaquin County, volunteering in the Migrant Ministries of the Catholic Church for the last twenty years. She assists the migrant workers that come each year to the area during harvest time by providing them with donated clothes and toiletries because many do not have families, cars, food or clothes. Amelia also helps serve mass for the workers and prepares migrant families for baptisms and first communion at the camps. As a sponsor, Amelia provides the men with the communion requirements.

Amelia welcomes new Spanish-speaking priests to the parish. Most don’t have cars, so she takes them to run their errands and has even taught a few how to drive a car! Many have moved to other parishes in other cities and other countries, but have remained in contact with Amelia, for she has touched their lives too.

At 81, Amelia continues to volunteer and serve. She truly is a saint!