1996 Inductee - Dr. Samuel R. Romero

1996 Inductee - Dr. Samuel R. Romero

Military/Community Service/Education

Samuel was born at home on August 22, 1931, the second of four children of Henry and Isabel Romero in the ranching community of Capitan, New Mexico. Formal education at Capitan Elementary and High School was coupled with the most valuable life needs, informal education of ranching, animal care, building and construction, recreation and assistance to your neighbor.

Dr. Romero knew he had a mission, a mission he chose to accept when he enlisted into the U.S. Army to defend his country as a 2nd Lieutenant. He has held the office of Vice Commander for the State of California and Commander for the Stockton chapter with the American G.I. Forum. He was a Veteran of Foreign Wars as well as a disabled American Veteran. His role model is General George Patton, which should be of no surprise to us, considering Dr. Romero’s life-long involvement with military related activities.

Samuel’s credentials were quite impressive. After graduating from high school he attended New Mexico State University and graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics, science and military science. He completed a Master of Arts Degree program from the University of the Pacific in Inter-American Studies and Pupil Personnel and Counseling. He continued his education at UOP and achieved his highest educational goal of earning his Doctorate in Administration and computer research.

In March 1956 Dr. Romero married Hanne lore Shafer in Berlin, Germany. He returned to the United States and settled in Stockton to raise his children, Samuel and Heidi. Dr. Romero has a beautiful family, who encourages and supports his efforts of helping others realize their potential.

He held numerous positions during his 23 year tenure with Stockton Unified School District. He went from a classroom teacher to resource specialist to principal to administrator. Dr. Romero did go through the ranks.

“Although teaching was not my original lifelong intent, the freedom of time and opportunity to work and explore my other interests allowed by the profession plus the exposure to youth, their needs and frustrations, the joy of their success, and the respect I received, convinced me to continue my teaching and school administrative career and then retire after 25 wonderful years of experience,” he recalls.

When he retired, he started his own school, assisting in the upgrading of employees in need of assistance in acquiring computer literacy and education to remain employed. It is easy to understand that teaching and helping others improve the quality of their lives through education is Dr. Romero’s main thrust. He was exposed to that philosophy from his mother on a daily basis…”Hace bien, sin pensar a quien.” Dr. Romero has passed away since his induction into the Mexican Hall of Fame.