2000 Inductee - Linda G. Mora

2000 Inductee - Linda G. Mora

Education/Community Involvement

If Stockton is ever to become a major cultural center, it will be because of places like the Mexican Heritage Center and people like Linda Mora. “I am married to an “Artista del Valle” and became tired of listening to Rauol and my compadre Rudy Garcia talking about a Mexican Heritage Center. So with my friend Consuelo we wrote by-laws and the Mexican Heritage Center was founded approximately three years ago.

“I really enjoy all art and cultural events, they enrich my life and I believe can enrich the life of anyone who accepts and wants to learn about the arts. Art is what gives our lives meaning and beauty.”

Since 1999 Linda has been working with the Council for the Spanish Speaking as first a supervisor and now director. She oversees six Concilio Office Sites and supervises 42 employees. Her responsibilities include the CalWorks Welfare to Work Program and the monitor and compliance of the Human Services Agency Agreement. “The humanity and respect that is present in our organization is a refreshing experience for me and a real motivation for anyone who is employed by Concilio.”

From 1996-1998 Linda was the Principal at Lockeford/Clements Elementary School with a student body of 400 and staff of 30. From 1992-1996 she was Lodi Unified’s Director of Certificated Personnel. From 1990-1992 she was the coordinator of the district’s Multilingual/Multicultural Education and Language Arts. She coordinated instructional programs from 5,000 plus Limited English Proficient Students and worked with the Bilingual programs.

In 1993 Linda was named Boss of the Year by Lodi Unified’s California School Employees Association and included in Who’s Who in American Teaching. Her community service is enough to induct her into this Hall of fame. She is or has been involved with the Cursillo Movement, Chicano Summer Camp, Jack & Jill Nursery School, Stockton Civic Theatre and many other groups. As chairperson of the Latino Graduate Recognition Committee she has helped organize an annual event that fills the Civic Auditorium with proud graduates and their families.

“It is a pleasure and something the community can be proud of when you think of approximately 10 high schools coming together in such a positive mode. As co-chair for the past three years it has been a pleasure to work with all of the high school representatives. They are the most unselfish group of people I have ever worked with and I value and respect their opinions.”

Working with the United Farm Workers has also enriched her life. “The UFW has allowed me to meet and interact with people who are so dedicated and unselfish. They remind me what humility really means and they have such a deep perspective on life”

“My greatest joy and pride is my family, both immediate and extended. My theory is, if you can relate and love all family members as they are, you can respect and love all types of your fellow man. These family members reflect those we come in contact with everyday.”