1994 Inductee - Lupe H. Aguilera

1994 Inductee - Lupe H. Aguilera

Community Involvement

Lupe Haro Aguilera was born in Sanchez Roman, Zacatecas, Mexico and came to the United States as a small child. She was raised in the Lodi area where she attended local schools. Lupe married Gabriel Aguilera on April 3, 1942. Together they had five children, Gabriel Jr., Raquel, Carolyn, Irene and Richard. She was a proud grandparent of four grandchildren, Maria, Raquel Aguilera & Bryan and Philip Soria.

Mrs. Aguilera has been a homemaker almost all of her life. While her children were growing up she was always involved in school activities and with P.T.A. where she was president.

She has been involved with making our community a safer place to live. For a number of years Lupe worked together with the Stockton Police Department and the community in fighting crime and talking with people to help prevent crime in our neighborhoods.

Lupe was always held in high regard and respect the late Police Chief, Jack O’Keefe. He helped her family in 1957 when her son Gabriel Jr. became extremely ill and was in a coma for a lengthy time. Chief O’Keefe started a trust fund for her son to assist the family with the high cost of medical expenses. Words cannot convey the tremendous appreciation for O’Keefe’s kindness and efforts. It was after that incident that Mrs. Aguilera felt compelled to reciprocate her time and energy to the community. She became heavily involved with the Neighborhood Watch Program and Crime Stoppers.

She has held the position of president of the North Stockton Police Advisory Board for the past 14 years. The main objective and purpose of the group is to help our community in fighting crime and talking with people from our community on how we can help prevent crime in our neighborhoods.

Mrs. Aguilera has received many commendations from various elected officials and organizations. They include a commendation of appreciation from Douglas Wilhoit, Supervisor, 2nd District on January 29, 1983. A certificate of recognition from the Board of Supervisors at San Joaquin County, a certificate of recognition from the North Stockton Police Advisory Board signed by Senator John Garamendi, a commendation for community involvement, a certificate of Appreciation from Assemblyman Patrick Johnston, the former Mayor, Barbara Fass, and the police Chief Julio Cechetti.

Lupe’s favorite quote about team work is: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” by Henry Ford. Lupe strongly believes in those words, she has brought the community together and continues to keep it together to reach a level of cohesiveness.

Mrs. Aguilera has been a leading force serving this community to improve the relationship between the Police Department and the citizens of this area. She has participated in several Oral Boards for the Police Department and Correctional officers. In all of her volunteer efforts as well as in her personal life, Mrs. Aguilera is a positive energetic individual who is an exemplary role model.