2004 Inductee - Edmund Santos Coy

2004 Inductee - Edmund Santos Coy


The most surprising fact about Ed Coy is that he holds down a full time job despite his numerous civic and community activities. He is the executive secretary for the City of Stockton’s Central Parking District Advisory and the Parking Facility Manager. He is credited with developing and constructing the downtown public parking facilities. From 1973 to 1997 he was also Chief Executive Officer of the Downtown Stockton Associates. One of his duties was to serve as liaison between the City and downtown businesses.

Ed has seen downtown Stockton undergo major changes and has helped cause some of those changes. In 1961 he was west coast sales manager for Zukor’s Dress Shop. He moved to Stockton in 1966 to manage the local Zukor’s. In 1971 he opened Coy’s Apparel in downtown Stockton. He sold the building in 1972 and started working for the city’s parking district.

He saw the slow decay of downtown, decades of vacant stores and its recent revival. Downtown Stockton was nearly pronounced DOA and still has too many vacant stores, but now it has a new look and a new life. “It has taken a tremendous amount of commitment and support from our community leaders to revitalize downtown Stockton, “ said Ed.

He served for nine years on the Stockton Planning Commission (1968-78), twice as Chairman (1972&’76). He was a member of the Downtown Rotary Club and was its first Hispanic president in 1989. In 1993 he was appointed by the city to the Board of Port Commission. He served two terms as chairman.

Ed worked with the Port Commission on the incorporation of Rough & Ready Island. As chairman he signed a 30-year lease agreement with California Portland Cement Company in Tokyo, Japan for $50 million.

Ed also made an impact on the Stockton community. “I played a major role in the relocation of St. Mary’s Dinning Room while serving as its president. I was the co-founder and past president of the Asparagus Festival. I have been chairman of the first Cinco de Mayo parade and hosted the first two Hispanic telethons for Easter Seals in 1990-91. I also served as president for the YMCA in 1986 & 1989.”

He has been chairman of Su Salud, a member of Comite Patriotico, United Cerebral Palsy board member, Salvation Army advisory board member, and involved with the San Joaquin County Economic Development Associations. He chaired the Bi-Centennial Freedom Train, was United Way Division chairman, director of the Senior Service Agency and founder and president of the Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau. He served on the Committee to complete the Crosstown Freeway and co-chaired the All-American Waterfest, 1988-91.

“I am most proud of the development of St. Mary’s Interfaith Dinning Room and the expansion of the Central Parking District. My life has been active and interesting,” he states with pride.

Ed was born in Houston, Texas, the youngest of 12 children. His parents were born in Piedras Negras, Mexico in the late 1800’s and moved to Houston. Ed attended public schools and the University of Houston. He joined the navy in 1952 and was discharged in 1959.