1991 Inductee - Jean Equinoa Reynosa

1991 Inductee - Jean Equinoa Reynosa

Jean Equinoa Reynosa, selected as Stockton’s “Woman of the Year,” is recognized for her many outstanding contributions to the Stockton Community. Reynosa, with a deep love for the citizens of Stockton, has dedicated her life to the homeless, those in need of food or clothing, and to people in need of financial assistance.

Reynosa is very proud of all the distinguished awards that she has received. Reynosa was honored with awards from the Mexican Chamber of Commerce; The United Way; and from the Boggs Tract Community. She also received awards from Senator Johan Garamendi; Assemblyman Patrick Johnston; and Mayor Barbara Fass.

One of Reynosa’s highlights was in 1982, when she was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the San Joaquin County Fair Board. In 1977, Reynosa became Director of the San Joaquin Fair Board, and also served as Vice President. Reynosa’s contributions to the city of Stockton are numerous. Reynosa is recognized as Co-founder of the California State Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer of the National Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, Board member of the Comision Honorifica, Board member of the Boggs Tract Center, member of the San Joaquin County Lions Ladies Auxiliary, member of the Revitalization Committee of Central Stockton, and originator of the Mexican American Day at the San Joaquin County Fair.

The achievements of Jean Equinoa Reynosa show what can happen when a dream is coupled with a keen business sense and determination. Reynosa took a deep interest in all aspects of the Stockton community including business and education. Community involvement was at the top of her priorities.

During the years, Reynosa found precious time, energy, and strength to contribute to the community of Stockton, even though she was raising her family and running a successful business. During World War II, she established the Reynosa Auto Body Works on Church Street. Reynosa represents a woman with a mission in her life that was fulfilled with success.

Reynosa, born in Arizona in a family of 10 children, received her education in the Williams Public School System. Reynosa’s entire life has been dedicated to the betterment of the lifestyle of those who are less fortunate. Reynosa states, “My life has been very rewarding and I am happy about the contributions I have given to my community. I have always wanted to assist our youth to further their education so that they can become successful citizens of the United States of American.”