1991 Inductee - Reuben Limon

1991 Inductee - Reuben Limon

Reuben Limon, the first Student Body President of Edison High School, is today considered one of the greatest athletes to graduate from Edison High School. While at Edison High School, Limon starred in Varsity Football, Basketball and Track with outstanding success. In the Stockton Record sports section, the headlines of a football game between Edison High School and Oakdale read “Limon vs. LeBaron.” Limon was an all around athlete in his sports career at Edison High School as a super star in 3 sports.

Reuben Limon, with his love for baseball, devoted thirty years of his life to the California Mexican Baseball League. Limon is recognized as one of the original founders of the California Mexican League. In the California Mexican Baseball League Limon was a baseball player who later managed the Club Mexico team. Limon also found sponsorship for the Latin American Club which he also served as a manager.

Limon, in 1959 was elected as the President of the California Mexican Baseball League. After studying professional baseball rules Limon was elected to become the first commissioner of the California Mexican Baseball League. Limon, because of his positive attitude, his drive, determination, and dedication to baseball was given the name of the “Czar” by the Stockton Record. The name of “Czar” was very fitting, because if anyone could get the job done, it was Reuben Limon.

Limon served his country as a soldier in the United States Army during World War II. Limon’s participation in life was with all the positive energy one man could generate; and according to all who knew this great man, Limon had an abundance of energy. Limon never did anything unless he could give one hundred percent.

He was instrumental in the development of basketball, baseball, and soccer teams for young boys. He served his community as a charter member of the Jesters Club, Club Mexico, Superior Valley Small Business Club, and the Stockton Housing Resources Board. Limon was honored by the Stockton Metropolitan Park and Recreation Commission with the “Latino Award” and the “Honor Citation”. Limon touched the lives of many athletes with his unselfish positive personality.

In August of 1984, a great tribute was paid to Reuben Limon, and commendations from Senator John Garamendi, Assemblyman Patrick Johnston, and from the Stockton City Council were given to his wife Margaret Limon, when Emil Seifert of the Stockton Parks and Recreation Department officially named both baseball diamonds at Stribley Park as the Reuben Limon Diamonds. In the baseball world this is the highest honor you can give a man. Since Limon dedicated his life to the city of Stockton it was fitting that this honor was given to him.