1995 Inductee - Edna Maria Ramos

1995 Inductee - Edna Maria Ramos


Many things have inspired Edna throughout her career in education. Mostly what has inspired her was the fact that our Hispanic students and Hispanic community in general needed positive role models to encourage and motivate them. Parents and students needed to know that there was someone at the school site that they could relate to, someone who spoke their language and understood their needs. Coming from a farm worker family, she believes that the many struggles of the Hispanic community encouraged her to continue with her education during her early years.

Edna is a local high school graduate. She graduated from Delta College in 1968 where she had been listed as a terminal student meaning that she would not go any further with her education. However, she went on to the University of the Pacific and graduated in 1972 with a Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision. She also has minors in Educational Curriculum and Counseling. She received several teaching credentials ranging from elementary education to university level, also a Bilingual/Bicultural teaching credential. Although she is a product of this community and has accomplished much, she also realized that there is so much more that needs to be accomplished to motivate students and gear them in the right direction. “We must never give up no matter what the consequence. Our youth are the mainstay of our future. The foundation needs to be laid and continuously reinforced. If we want to be successful in anything, we must continually work at improvement. This is even more so the case with the education of our youth,” she states.

Her experiences have included working as an instructional aide, Teacher Corps intern, teacher/intern evaluator, a curriculum program specialist, T-VII coordinator, teacher, assistant principal and principal of Hamilton Middle School. She has also worked for Migrant Education and the University of the Pacific. Being in these positions has given her a wide range of experience to better serve our Hispanic community. Being a product of this community, it has always been important for her to give back what has been given to her. She has seen a great need to motivate our students whether Hispanic or not. We are losing too many of our students. There is much to be done to inspire our youth to continue onward with their education and aspirations. She believes in going the extra mile when it comes to motivating students in social and academic endeavors.

She believes that she has been empowered to shape the future of our youth, and therefore, must provide them with the guiding light to reach the end of the tunnel. To this end, she will commit the remaining years of her life as an educator, and challenges everyone to this commitment.