1999 Inductee - Herman Marquez

1999 Inductee - Herman Marquez


When Herman fought he did not make millions, but was much respected. His boxing career was successful, but many experts believe he was unfairly denied a world championship.

He won the Diamond Belt Amateur Championship in Stockton in 1955, the Golden Gloves Amateur Championship in San Francisco in 1957 and the AAU Amateur Championship in Boston in the same year. He was co-winner of the Jesters Club’s Athlete of the Year in 1957. Then…..he turned pro.

In 1959 he won the North American Boxing Federation Bantamweight Championship. In 1960 he earned the California Bantamweight Championship. In 1961 he was given the Max Baer Memorial Award for being the best boxer in Northern California.

His only challenge left was to win the world championship. He had to beat two world class contenders to earn the right to fight Eder Jofre of Brazil in 1962. Six thousand people in San Francisco saw Herman “chase and bomb champ Eder Jofre for nine rounds in a startling show of power and boxing skill…”

The two judges and the two UPI and Stockton Record reporters all had Herman winning the fight. But in the 10jth round, Herman went down on one knee twice and the fight was stopped. “The dream of being a World Champion was shattered,” said a friend. Herman retired with a record of 41-7 in 1962.

He became a boxing referee and judge during the late 60’s and was inducted into the Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame in 1973. He only had a sixth grade education because he had to leave school to support his family, but he was educated. “I tried to learn from others who have had the advantages of an education as well as business experience. I made up my mind to listen when others talked because I found I could learn much that I did not know.”

Columnist Roger Williams stated, “Herman’s poise, his manner of speech and his confidence denote a grasp of knowledge equal to that of many college graduates.” Herman did not stop being a public figure when he left boxing. He was social chairman for the Mexican American Golf Association and organizer and president of his own family’s golf tournaments which raised money for the needy. He was in a health film for Dr. Vicuna in 1994 and in 1995, was seen on Channel 19 on a heart attack prevention program.

Herman was born in Sonora Mexico on November 11, 1933 and passed away in Stockton California on October 3, 2006.