2004 Inductee - Anna Moreno

2004 Inductee - Anna Moreno


Anna Moreno did not get her high school diploma until she was 27. She did not start her career as a teacher until age 40. She is proud of her involvement with the Paraprofessional Teaching Training Program (PTTP). The program provided an opportunity for instructional aides to become teachers. In 1992 she persuaded Stockton Unified School District (SUSD), to apply for a state grant. Only 13 districts received the grant. It started in 1995 and the participants were Hmong, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese and the largest group was Hispanic.

“Here is an opportunity for others to become teachers just as I had become a teacher. I wanted others to get the opportunity to improve their lives and their children’s lives just as I had improved my life with the help of man people and programs such as PTTP. I’m very proud to have worked in this program with my friend, Jessie Springborn, and to have supported and encourage 48 great participants of the program.” Twenty five have already become teachers.

“From being a farm laborer and picking the fields in Southern California to orchestrating the policies of a school district as a Mexican American professional, Anna has been an incredible role model for me and my family as well as to the community,” wrote son Manuel and daughter-in-law Tanya Moreno in their nominating letter. Anna became a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 1958, but after working as a parent volunteer at Washington Elementary school, her life changed. “With encouragement from the principal, Frank Remus, I pursued teaching. He became my mentor and it was him that I owe a great deal of gratitude for believing in me. I became a teacher and loved it!” I give credit to my mom for encouraging me and helping me and to my kids for making me strong and loving me when I needed it the most.”

“I believe that the motive for my life was the energy for the discipline I developed. This force was to be loved; first the love of my parents, then the love of my children, the love of my spouse, the love of my students and others that I highly respect. Without it, I would never have accomplished anything.

Anna started as a Teacher Corp Intern at Washington Elementary in 1968. In 1970 she became a first grade teacher at Van Buren Elementary. From 1971-75 she was an English as a Second Language (ESL) Specialist for Van Buren as well as a Migrant Resource teacher for Lodi, Stockton and Knightsen School districts. In 1975 she was promoted to Bilingual Program Specialist. In 1977 she continued as a Bilingual Specialist for the district.

She returned as a full time teacher in 1981. McKinley Elementary took her as a second grade bilingual teacher, which lasted for two years. In 1983 she left the classroom to become an administrator. She became the acing principal for McKinley during the 1983-84 school years. Anna transferred to Commodore Stockton Sills School and was its assistant principal for the 1984-86 school years. Her biggest promotion made her Pulliam School’s acting principal in 1987. The “acting” was knocked out of her title in 1989, and she served as principal at Pulliam Elementary School until her retirement in 1992.

Anna has also taught ESL, Family and Consumer Education, and Positive Parenting at San Joaquin Delta College. She has been the coordinator of SUSD’s Summer Tutorial Program. In Lodi she was administrative assistant of the Migrant Education program. At UOP she instructed in the High Intensity Language Training. This program was for teachers who wanted a total immersion into the Spanish Language. She has also taught “Ethnic Groups in Public Education” and “Spanish Language Arts Methodology” at Cal State University, Stanislaus.

Her expertise has taken her to other cities. Sacramento School District asked for her input for the “English as a Second Language Continuum.” Merced School District asked her to speak about “Classroom Management,” and the Bay Area Bilingual Education League wanted her help with their “Bilingual Vocational Nursing Curriculum.”

For SUSD she has written curriculum for bilingual materials development in Social Studies, ESL, and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) and Spanish Language Arts (SLA) to correlate with a Spanish reading program. She also helped develop an ESL continuum, provided ESL, SSL and SLA in-services for teachers and instructional aides in the areas of techniques, methodologies, classroom organization and materials selection. Anna has also been president of the Association of Mexican American Educators.