1997 Inductee - Louis Gonzales

1997 Inductee - Louis Gonzales

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997

Inductees into this Hall of Fame are often seen doing wonderful things for the community. You may have seen Louis as Grand Marshall at the 1997 Cinco de Mayo Parade or sitting on the Stockton Unified School District’s Board of Trustees. “He is truly a trustee that represents his Southeast Stockton constituents,” declares fellow trustee, Frank Orozco.

You may have read about him serving as the chairman of the Human Rights Task Force. The Human Rights Task Force was started in 1993 as a result of two innocent people getting killed due to a mistaken police drug raid. Changes in police procedures resulted from the findings of this task force. Louis served on the task force until 1995.

Louis was a board member of the California Rural Assistance League until 1995. “I have many fond memories of many battles fought,” he reminisces. He was a member of the Coalition of Mexican-American Organizations (COMA) from its inception in the late 60’s. “He is someone you can count on to help you at any time. He is extremely generous with his time and commitment,” said Jose Correa, a 1991 Hall of Fame inductee, and good friend.

Louis was active in the Community Service Organization (CSO) from 1955 until the local organization ceased operating. “Within a few years I felt that a credit union would be a great addition to the CSO, and as a result the CSO Credit Union was born,” he says proudly. “It wasn’t all smooth sailing as the seed money, which a few members had put up to begin the credit union, suddenly vanished after we made our first loan.” He was CSO’s Credit Union treasurer for 13 years.

“Louis’ heart was definitely in the right place. He is someone you can count on,” states Art Madrid a long time amigo. Louie has also been chairperson of the Community Action Council and active in the St. Linus Parish as a teacher and bazaar chairperson. He volunteered his help at the U.S. Citizenship Day and the county Voter Registration Education Project.

“Louie is very diligent in whatever he participates in, whether it is reviewing Credit Union records, walking in support of a political candidate or presiding over organization meetings,” say Frank Orozco, a 1990 inductee.