1991 Inductee - Peter Rodriguez

1991 Inductee - Peter Rodriguez

Peter Rodriguez, the founder of the famous San Francisco Mexican Museum of Arts. The name of Peter Rodriguez is synonymous with your great artists in the United States of America.

Rodriguez has dedicated over 51 years to his professional career and who is truly a man who has made many contributions to the world and has received many awards as an artist. His awards began in 1944 when he was the Grand Prize winner for the YMCA Mural Award; in 1945 he was awarded 1st prize for the Robert T McGee Children’s Art Contest; in 1946 he received the Haggin Museum Contest 1st prize for painting; in 1958 he was awarded 1st place for oil painting and water color from the Stockton Art League; in 1969 Rodriguez was awarded the Expo Tlapan 69 Diploma de Honor from Mexico; 1976 he was selected Outstanding Latin American to receive the IMAGE Award; 1979 he was appointed to the Mexico Today Symposium at Washington D.C.; in 1980 he received an invitation to the Vice Presidential Mansion Dinner in Washington, D.C.; and in 1985 in San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein proclaimed October 18, 1983 as Peter Rodriguez Day.

Rodriguez who is considered a genius is a man with vision of a great historian, as in 1970 he had the dream of establishing a Mexican Museum which would be devoted to exhibit Mexican Art and culture. In 1984 Ann Rockefeller Roberts gave to Peter Rodriguez and his Mexican Art Museum the Rockefeller Collection of Mexican art.

Peter Rodriguez received his education in the Stockton Unified School District where he attended Lincoln and Luther Burbank Elementary Schools. Rodriguez received his high school diploma from Stockton High School. Later Rodriguez earned his Associate of Arts Degree from San Joaquin Delta College, he also attended the University of California at Berkeley.

The San Francisco Mexican Museum founded by Peter Rodriguez was his brainchild which became a reality because of his passion, drive and dedication. Rodriguez stated there wasn’t any significant representation of Mexican or Mexican American Art in California or the United States. Rodriguez further states “I felt we needed a place of our own to chow to the world our Mexican Art and culture.” Rodriguez worked alone without assistance from any institution, so he could personally demonstrate that as a Mexican American, we can achieve any dream by ourselves. Rodriguez is also credited for the births of other ethnic museums in the nation.

Rodriguez has had outstanding solo art exhibits in many cities in California such as Stockton, San Francisco, Davis, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. He has had exhibits in the states of Texas, Arizona, Washington, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and in the country of Mexico.

Today we are proud to honor and inducty a great man, Peter Rodriguez, into the 1991 Mexican American Hall of Fame.

“We can achieve any dream or goal with personal dedication.”