1991 Inductee - Alfred Henry Avila

1991 Inductee - Alfred Henry Avila

Alfred Henry Avila, as an outstanding boxer was the Golden Glove Champion and has had a highly successful life as a fighter, community advocate, boxing champion and as a family man. Avila was also the champion of the prestigious Delta Belt Boxing Tournament.

Avila received his education in the Stockton Unified School District where he attended McKinley elementary School and graduated from Schneider Vocational High School.

Avila has 38 years of boxing under his belt as an amateur boxer; a professional boxer; promoter of boxing; a manager, trainer and as a coach. Avila has given as much as any man in the United States for the advancement of our youth who are pursuing boxing as a career.

As a boxer Alfred Henry Avila had 60 amateur bouts, winning 50 boxing matches. Avila also had 21 professional fights, winning 14 matches. Avila turned to coaching when he had a dramatic professional match in Oakland that injured him enough to have him become a coach and no longer a boxer.

Avila began his coaching career in the St. Aloysius Boys Town Boxing Program in Stockton. Avila received a special honor when he was selected as the youngest coach to lead a group of Northern California boxers to the National AAU Boxing Finals in Boston, Massachusetts.

Avila made a great contribution to the boxing world, as he opened his own training program in his own gym. Avila was highly successful as a boxer and as a trainer, and this gave him the drive to develop the youth of Stockton and San Joaquin County to become successful in the boxing world.

Alfred Henry Avila, because of his outstanding boxing and training program was able to develop Jesse Flores and Herman Marques as fighters who fought for the World Championships in their division. Avila was above to develop fighters to compete in the top tournaments of importance in California and the United States. Avila stated that Jack Dempsey a professional fighter was his idol and role model.

Avila’s dreams came true as a top amateur boxer and coach. Avila was the Pacific Coast Amateur Welterweight Champion; he was the Northern California AAU Coach. Avila because of his outstanding dedication was