1990 Inductee - Salvador Zendejas

1990 Inductee - Salvador Zendejas

Salvador Zendejas, a teacher with outstanding leadership qualities, was elected President of the Stockton Teacher’s Association. Zendejas won consecutive presidential elections because of his dedication of the improvement of education for the Hispanic; for his professional collegues, and for the Hispanic students. Zendejas was a strong force in the settling of the STA teachers strike of the 1989-1990 school year.

Zendejas’ parents moved from Mexico to the United States in hopes of starting a new life with more opportunities for their nine children. Zendejas is proud to state that his parents instilled in him the value of education. The Zendejas family, as many of our parents who came from Mexico, were not fortunate enough to receive a quality education, yet Salvador was fortunate. He came to the United States speaking only spanish, but with his family’s encouragement he conquered all barriers to achieve success in his career.

Zendejas received his Bachelor of Arts at San Francisco State University. Later, he earned his Master’s Degree in History from Stanford University; one of the top universities in the country. Students attending Stanford must be highly qualified to obtain admission, as Zendejas did. Zendejas attended Pittsburgh Elementary; and, he later graduated from Pittsburgh High School.

Zendejas served his patriotic duty to our country when he was drafted into the U.S. Army, which he served for two years. After his tour of duty in Vietnam, Zendejas was honorably discharged. He attended Diable Valley Junior College before being drafted in the service. After being honorably discharged, and completing his studies at San Francisco State, he received a scholarship to attend Stanford, where he earned his Master’s Degree. He was then recruited for Stockton Unified School District by Leopoldo Gloria, the Assistant Superintendent.

Zendejas, had a desire to become involved in the political arena, therefore, he joined the Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE). His purpose was to promote Mexican Americans for political offices and to encourage the recruitment of Americans of Mexican ancestry who are teachers, counselors, and administrators. Today, Salvador Zendejas is the President of the Stockton Teachers Association, which is a powerful leadership position. Also, he has served as political action chair of the STA organization, before being elected as president.

In teaching, Zendejas, with his leadership abilities, became involved at Franklin High School with the Mexican American student groups. He served as MECHA club sponsor, which is a student club that promotes the importance of education, culture, and the concerns of the Mexican American students of Stockton.

Zendejas, states with pride, that his mother and Leopoldo Gloria were his role models who motivated and inspired him to achieve his goals. Zendejas is an outstanding History teacher of Franklin High School, where he has received numerous awards from his students. This points out clearly that Zendejas is a highly successful teacher in SUSD; where he has been employed for sixteen years.

We are proud tonight to induct Salvador Zendejas into the 1990 Mexican American Hall of Fame.

“Being president of the Stockton Teacher’s Association has shown that Hispanics can assume leadership roles and be successful in a city like Stockton.”
-Salvador Zendejas