1990 Inductee - Jesus “Sue” Valverde

1990 Inductee - Jesus “Sue” Valverde

Jesus “Sue” Valverde was phenomenally sensational, as a pure all-around athlete in his athletic career. Valverde was outstanding in the four major sports at St. Mary’s High School which were baseball, football, basketball, and track. Valverde, as a superstar, is considered today to be the greatest athlete in the history of St. Mary’s High School sports. It is hard to believe that this great athlete could be sensational in football, do it all in basketball, sign a professional baseball contract, and time to run track.

Valverde, because of his love for his family, who were having a serious economic hardship, was forced to miss spring training with the Seattle Rainers Professional Baseball Team; with whom he had signed a baseball contract. Fred Avila states that “Sue” was a pure power hitter from the right side of the plate. Avila remembers him as a home run hitter, with the famous Club Mexico team of the California Mexican Baseball League. In 1973, Valverde was inducted into the California Mexican Baseball League Hall of Fame.

When at St. Mary’s High School, Valverde held the record for the most touchdowns scored for four years in high school. Valverde, as a first baseman at St. Mary’s, had a .475 batting average for his four years in baseball; he scored over forty-five touchdowns in four years; Valverde, in his senior year made six touchdowns in one game as a fullback against Columbia High School in Fresno; scored four touchdowns against Vallejo High School. Valverde, in basketball, could do it all with his scoring, rebounding, and assist ability. Also, he found time to run on the track team; he was the only sport (4) four man in the history of St. Mary’s High.

The history of Jesus “Sue” Valverde also includes his contributions in Stockton community activities. Valverde became interested in sharing his leadership abilities by working with young men in the Young Men’s Institute; with the St. George’s Church boys group he was an all-purpose assistant, to Father J.C. Prieto; he was in charge of St. George’s recreational program. “Sue” was born in Lorenzo, Mexico to parents of Manuel and Reyes Sepulveda Valverde. Valverde came to the United States on September 25, 1919 with eleven brothers and sisters.

This outstanding athlete, touched many lives because of his great unselfish personality and outstanding sportsmanship attitude. “I don’t believe that there will ever be another four sport athlete whi is such a positive role, that Valverde,” states Veto Ramirez. People, such as Valverde, are people of generations who are worthy of receiving recognitions for their outstanding contributions and achievements.

Tonight, we are extremely honored to induct Jesus “Sue” Valverde into the 1990 Mexican American Hall of Fame.

“Valverde, the only four sports athlete, is considered the greatest athlete in the history of St. Mary’s High School.”
-Veto Ramirez