1990 Inductee - Marcelo A. Lopez

1990 Inductee - Marcelo A. Lopez

Marcelo A. Lopez, has received the illustrious “Outstanding Man of the Year” Award in 1985; he has also received the Nationwide, “Distinguished Performance Award”, in 1988 from the National Alliance of Business for his outstanding achievements in the field of Business.

Marcelo A. Lopez, has been the Director of the Private Industry Council and the Job Training Partnership Act Program of San Joaquin County since 1983. In 1987, his strong leadership qualities elevated his responsibilities to be appointed to the Director of a county department in the Employment and Economic Development Department; as well as the Director of the Economic Development Association.

Lopez is a product of the Stockton Unified School District where he attended Jefferson Elementary School, and is a graduate of Franklin High School. Lopez continued his desire for higher education as he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Inter American Studies at the University of the Pacific. Lopez has had extensive management training that enabled this young man to be certified by the Main Event Employment Institute to teach the Model Netics Management Program.

Lopez, is a highly successful visible man who has taken advantage of every opportunity that is available to all citizens. Lopez is a positive role model who has the drive, dedication, desire and determination to reach his goal in life. Lopez is a man who has overcome many barriers that we all face on the road to a productive career.

Marcelo A. Lopez, while attending University of the Pacific graduated on the Dean’s List with distinguished students which are academically superior. Lopez also received from the California State University, Stanislaus, the CSUS Service Award. These two outstanding awards strongly indicated Lopez would become a strong force of success in any field of his personal endeavor.

The city of Stockton, appointed Lopez as the Director and Administrator of Employment and Training Program, before the Board of Supervisors advanced him to his presnet position. Lopez has over 15 dedicated years of experience in employment, training and economic development activities.

Marcelo A. Lopez, who is deeply involved in the advancement of minorities, is also involved professionally in community activities. Lopez is on the Board of Directors of the Western Job Training Partnership Association; YMCA Board of Directors member; Chairman of the city of Lodi Personnel Board of Review; member of the San Joaquin County Chamber of Commerce; member of the Steering Committee Strategic Planning Resource Center; he is currently the president of the Hispanics for Political Action.

Lopez is responsible for $1,000,000 received in bonuses for the County Programs since 1983, that have exceeded above the performance objectives. Lopez’s department serves as a model program due to the many innovations and successes under highly challenging conditions.

Without education Hispanics will be left on the outside looking in. Education is the key which opens the door to our prosperous future.
-Marcelo A. Lopez