1990 Inductee - Rupert Garcia

1990 Inductee - Rupert Garcia

Rupert Garcia, one of the most successful artists in the United States, is internationally know for his one man exhibitions throughout the world. Garcia has had world wide exhibitions in Paris, France; Hermosillo and Sonora, Mexico; Basel, Switzerland; Toronto, Canada; Berlin, West Germany; and Honolulu, Hawaii. Garcia received commendations from California State Senator John Garamendi; California Assemblyman Patrick Johnston and United States Congressman Norman Shumway for his achievements.

Rupert Garcia has had exhibitions national in the states of New York, Minnesota, Washington, Illinois, Massachusettes, Ohio, Colorado, and Arizona. He has also had the distinct honor of displaying his exhibitions in the cities of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Stockton, Davis, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, and Monterey. Garcia’s art work has received the highest accolades that can be given to an artist.

Garcia received his Elementary education in the Stockton Unified School District; he received his high school diploma from Edison High School. He pursued his artistic career by receiving his Associate of Arts Degree from San Joaquin Delta College in 1962; he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree at San Francisco State in 1968; he also received his Master of Arts Degree in Printmaking and Silkscreening in 1970 from San Francisco State. Also, Garcia has a Master of Arts Degree in History of Modern Art from the University of California at Berkeley, where he continued his Doctorate studies.

Professionally, Rupert Garcia has lectured as an instructor at art workshops on the Art History on Mexico at San Francisco State University, and at the San Francisco Art Institute. Garcia has lectured at the University of California at Berkeley; Mills College, Oakland; Washington State University; the Museum of San Francisco; Illinois State University, and San Jose State University. Rupert Garcia has been the recipient of grants from the California Art Council; from San Francisco Art Commission; San Francisco School of Creative Arts. Also, he received grants from the Honolulu Institute of Cultural and Communications; the San Joaquin Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Over the past twenty years, Rupert Garcia’s work has matured and his reputation has broadened dramatically. In the late 1960's and early 1970'; his sense of adaptions from the faces of Picasso, Orosco, Van Gogh, and Siquieros provided insight into his thoughts and feelings.

Rupert Garcia has had a great impact on the art world as an artist. His work has been published in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980; University of California Press in 1985; The Art Alliance Press; and the Chronicles Books in 1984. Garcia’s art form appears in the Catalogues; Graphic Creation ‘78; Rupert Garcia, the Haggin Museum 1988, Made in Aztlan; California Arts on the Road; Recent American Pastels; Mano a Mano; and Images of an Era.

Tonight we are honored to induct Rupert Garcia in the 1990 Mexican American Hall of Fame.

“Living in Southside Stockton, and attending Edison High School, as a time of great joy and painful awakenings; it helped me in many ways to influence how and what I paint today.”
-Rupert Garcia