1992 Inductee - Rudolph L. Franco

1992 Inductee - Rudolph L. Franco

Inducted into the 1992 Mexican American Hall of Fame

Born and raised in Stockton, Franco is the youngest of four brothers. He attended Fair Oaks Elementary and Stockton High School. Graduated from Stockton College and briefly attended University of the Pacific. He has served in the U.S. Army at the U.N. School of Communications as an instructor in Ansbach, Germany.

After leaving the Army, he was employed by the Department of Corrections at Deuel Vocational Institution for 9 years. He then took a position of Probation Officer I with S. J. County and worked for the County for 26 years and retired as Probation Officer III in 1988.

Following his release from the Army, he returned to Stockton. Franco is very proud to be one of the founders of the San Joaquin Lions Club of Stockton, as well as one of the founders of the Comite Patriotico Mexicano of Stockton. He has been a member of the United Crusade, a member of the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Council for the Spanish-Speaking and a member of the Quinones-Becerra American Legion Post No. 2. He was also instrumental in reorganizing the Comision Honorifica and later was instrumental in forming the Cento Social Mexicano and obtaining the Small Business Loan to build a hall on the property.

Franco has also received the Latin American Club Volunteer Community Service Award in 1980, and the San Joaquin Lions Club “Lion” of the year 1990-1991. He was also appointed to Stockton City Planning Commission in 1969 and reappointed in 1973. He served as chairman for the Commission for one year. He was appointed to the San Joaquin County Parks and Recreation Commission in 1978 and served for a period of four years. Franco’s contributions to the city that he admires so greatly are numerous, as a man of community activities, where he has been a founder of organizations, and where he has served as a president, member and volunteer on a vast amount of committees.